Payment Terms and Conditions

Last updated: July 26, 2021

I authorize Castle to charge my payment method account ("Account"), including any updates to this Account. I understand that my payment method will be saved on file for future transactions on my Account.  
I acknowledge my Account will be charged for:
  • $1.00 at the time that Castle sends me an estimate for work.  The $1.00 will be returned to me at the earlier of: at the time I accept the estimate, when I am charged the assessment fee, or it is returned to me by my payment method provider.

  • Any amounts owed on invoices for estimates that I approve to be completed by Castle or its agents that remain unpaid after 14 days.

  • An assessment fee if a Castle representative provides an estimate for work, but I decide not to accept within 14 days.
I understand that this authorization will remain in effect until I notify Castle that I wish to end it -- either in writing or by calling a customer service representative -- and allow Castle a reasonable amount of time to act on it.
I understand that this authorization allows Castle to adjust my payments to reflect any changes made to any projects performed by Castle or its agents.
I affirm that I am the owner and/or authorized user of this Account, and I agree to make payments according to the terms of the Account agreement.
I understand that any refunds owed to me will be returned to the Account.